What's the water temp and visibility like?

The average water temp is about 80f, although it can drop slightly during the winter. The visibility is normally around 100ft unless it's very windy in which case shallower dives can drop due to the sand being stirred up.

Are there any currents?

There is usually only a very mild current if at all. However if we encounter a stronger current we make the most of it and do a drift dive.

What kind of a suit do you recommend?

A 3-mm long suit will do normally here, and a lot of divers are wearing shorties as well.

What am I likely to see diving and snorkeling?

We have very healthy reefs with a mixture of hard and soft corals, a lot of sponges and over 141 species marine life. We have tropical fish such as Parrotfish, Trumpet Fish, Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish and many more. We also have a diverse range of other 'critters' such as moray eels, lobster, octopus, squid, puffer/balloon fish and for the keen sighted, turtles, sea horses, frog fish and spotted eagle rays, all of which have been seen on our house reef alone!

Whats the minimum age for children to dive?

10 years

What are the no flying time recs?

One dive or more 18 hours

Are we part of the Marriott?

We are on Marriott's property but own and operate under local laws

Do you only do boat dives?

We do all dives ...shore, boat, night and private trip. You name it we do it as long it's safe

When's the best time to visit?

365 days a year. You choose...

Where are we in relation to Willemstad?

7 minutes by car or cab