Small Wall (back to divesites)

novice to advanced
Recommended depth: 60 to 80 feet / 18 to 24 meters
Mooring depth: 15 feet
Type of dive: boat

Reef description:
We are heading in an eastern direction, to the Underwater Park. The underwater park stretches out from the Sea quarium to the east point of the island. Just in front of the inlet of the Spanish water we’ll find small wall.
The drop-off starts a 24 feet and drops down to 80 feet, where it bottom out. Look closely in the overhangs, to find critters hiding from you. Schools of soldier fish and squirrelfish are there for you to find. The coral you will find is a wide variety of hard and soft coral, but differently than the middle part of the island, larger part of the formations are formed by gorgonians, like common sea fans and devils sea whip. For the hard corals, right under the boat are large stag horn and Elkhorn coral colonies.