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Level: non-certified to advanced
Type of dive: Shore
Depth: 15 to 80 feet

Reef description:

After your 2-tank morning dive, still not tired of diving? Well, right in front of the hotel and dive-shop, there is your opportunity to enjoy the reef once more.
Starting from shore, after a 12 steps beach walk, decent in the bay, and head towards the drop off. On your way out, look out where you put your hands, there are peacock flounders dwelling. Out on the reef there is a wide variety of coral, pillar, brain and yellow pencil coral. In the stag horn coral on your way out, are a couple of very territorial damselfishes. Follow the reef looking out for our pet sea horses, Chris and Katherine.
On your way back, do not worry to much about navigating, our sign at 35 feet will tell you when to leave our front yard. And still not enough of diving, join us on our night dive here. Or explore at night yourself, we have 24 hour diving a day you know!!!!!