Vaersenbaai & the Car Wrecks

The Vaersenbaai Car Wrecks is a fun site and great spot to take some unique souvenir photos. Located to the left side (southeast) of Vaersenbaai. At the bouy the bottom is shallow, about 6 m (20 ft), and visibility can sometimes be a little hazy due to the sand from the nearby beach. Just out from the bouy dozens of car wrecks lie along the wall at 28 m (92 ft); then the wall drops over to 43 m (140 ft). The old cars were being transported by barge when the weight shifted and everything went into the water, including the barge. Look for porcupinefish, yellowtail snappers, moray eels, angelfish, blue hamlets, tube sponges, brain corals and, of course, plenty of cars, relatively intact although rusty. Snorkelers will find the large coral heads in the shallow areas full of sea-life.