The tugboat  (31475 bytes)

There is one word that really describes the tugboat - cute. A very popular site with divers and snorkelers alike, its divers area with good snorkeling, great photo ops and lots of diving choice -wall, wreck, deep. Tugboat is among the top 10 sites on Curaçao. Located on the protectedsoutheast side of Caracasbaai, it is accessible by boat.

Sunk over 25 years ago, the wreck rests at 5 m (17 ft). It is well preserved and coral covered. Snorkelers will enjoy exploring the tug. Although tempting, do not rest or stand on it. A steep wall is located nearby (southeast), about three minute swim away, which drops to about 30 m (100 ft). Divers should first explore the wall and then return to the tugboat in the shallows. The wall is lush with hard and soft corals along the top near the shallow ledge. wave action is minimal, although at times there is a slight swell. Usually there is no current at the tugboat itself but as you head around the corner along the wall you may encounter some which can be quite strong. Monitor its direction carefully -it can change rapidly at the point. At the tugboat look for morays, trumpetfish, angelfish, tube coral. There are also large schools of fish near the wall. Along the wall there are less corals,bkut numerous crevices and shallow caverns shelter morays, scorpionfish, and lobsters.