Port Marie

Unique and diverse, The Port Marie site is one of the top 10 sites on the island for good reason. Two healthy parallel reefs with a "valley" between are home to a wide variety of reef life. Often you will see fish here that are rare at other sites on the island, such as pairs of cornetfish, and from time to time small nurse sharks have been spotted.

Minimal current or wave action is present; visibility is usually very good, over 30 m (100 ft). At the buoy the dept is about 9 m (30 ft) sloping gradually to the nearby first reef wich is at 15 m (50 ft). Swimming straight out will take you over that reef, then to a sandy bottom, and finally to the second reef starting at about 18 m (60 ft). Port Marie is home to lots of reef life: angelfish, parrotfish, groupers, brown chromis, yellowtail snapper, triggerfish, trumpetfish, cornetfish, sea turtles, lobsters and sting rays; coral coverage is abundant and healthy.