Seldom Reef (back to divesites)

Type of dive: boat
Mooring depth: N.A.
Depth: 60 to 80 feet/ 18 to 24 meters

Reef description:
As the name tells you, we do not have the opportunity to dive this site often. High waves and strong current, at the corner of the bullenbaai, makes it hard to get off and on the boat. But if you are here and the weather gods are on our side, then join. Large brain and maze coral formations together with large sponges and soft corals decorate this wall. Large barracudas and big tarpons are no exception here. Hawksbill turtles and big angelfish are seen here practically every dive. Schools of jacks hunt here for rainbow runners, which gives a beautiful light reflection on the large school. A light show provided by nature.