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Hi Tom, we had a great time diving with your crew! My compliments to you for having a professional and well-run organization. We really enjoyed the diving staff, who were without exception friendly and helpful, and very professional in their approach to running the boats and the dives. Thanks for a wonderful vacation!

Linda Ruekert

Hi to you and all of your staff at Caribbean Sea Sports,
You all have it down just right! Safety is utmost in the crew's mind and a light no pressure attitude made for an extremely good time. Thank you!!
I loved the slow descents and equally gradual rises while diving. The dives were fabulous...the great variety of fish, corals and anemones along with an underlating terrain were highlights for me. Thanks very much to Birdie's sharp eyes we saw things that we may not have noticed. Of course, to see dolphins coursing thru the water and pausing for a look at us while we were viewing the Superior Producer was the absolute pinnacle that is etched in my mind's eye. The sea turtle was a character to watch. The crew's humor still brings me chuckles.
I really can't express how grateful I am. I just had such a good time:)
Most sincerely and hoping I can return,


thanks for the email. Unfortunately we are back to the real word.
Kitty and I both had a wonderful time. Please tell everyone at Caribbean Sea Sports that they all made us feel very welcome. It show's that you have a great thing going when you have complete strangers that come in and feel at home with the crew. Again, I cannot give enough praise to the entire team at Caribbean Sea Sports. I look forward to coming back.

Brad Dunlap

Hi everyone,
Thanks again for the great time you gave us. (Especially the night dive! Can't wait to tell my mates!)
Really missing the diving, sunshine and all of you of course!
Would love to know if Mark and Cheryl got home ok. Please feel free to pass our e-mail address on to them.
Hope you enjoy a drink on the little something we left for you all. Take care,
Jill and John Tisdale

Sorry I missed you during my recent visit but wanted to compliment you for assembling such a superlative group of individuals to operate the Caribbean Sea Sports dive operation.

My diving days were spent with Julia and Hans, two very delightful characters, who obviously enjoy their responsibilities and perform them with conspicuous enthusiasm and professionalism. I felt very comfortable with them from the first dive through the final day of the trip.

Julia was a joy above and below the water and I truly appreciated her willingness to ensure every dive was pleasant and memorable. She diligently sought creatures for me to video which I sincerely appreciated. One special dive revealed two seahorses that Julia knew I really wanted to see.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Noelle, Rian, Bertie and Peter. (Hope I didn't terribly misspell their names.) What a fantastic collection of personalities who extend warm hospitality and friendliness.

You can be certain that I will recommend your facility during my travels and I hope to dive with you again in the near future.

Kind regards,

Ron Miller

Hey, you guys (and girls) rock!
Came by on Sunday to personally thank Rianne and Birdie for the absolutely best decision I have ever made. Learning how to dive DID open up a whole new world for me - as promised. Thank you for the excellent instruction, the friendliness of your staff, and the great underwater experiences. I will be forever grateful!

Dana Conley