Bullenbaai & Seldom reef

Intermediate and advanced divers craving for sites offering more than the average wall dive should consider these sites in their itinerary. Both are located within Bullenbaai, a large deep, rough bay.

Seldom reef is spectacular and seldom dived (therefor the name). It is hard to reach - the seas can be very rough, therfor it is accessible by boat only on some days. The boat drops divers off on the northwest side of the bay to drift dive around the point. Wave action is normally rough and the water has good visibility; entry and exit from the boat are difficult , therefor only intermediate to advanced divers with experience in rough water should attempt it. The top of the wall is off a ledge at 7 m (23 ft) and seems to drop to infinity. Look for lots of deep-water fish, morays, sea turtles and barracudas (over 70 have been counted on one dive). At the point, the coral and fish life are nothing short of spectacular. Take your camera for some of the best wide angle opportunities on the island.

Very deep, with a sheer 90º wall, the Bullenbaai site is one of the better sites on Curaçao for a true, deep dive - but watch your safety limits. Some chop and current are present, with good visibility. To the right (northwest) from the buoy you will find the wall, with lots of crevices and good coral coverage, dropping off to over 43 m (140 ft). The site is very deep, monitor your depth gauge carefully. Look for lobsters, crabs, lots of reef fish, morays and staghorn corals.