Boat Dive Packages
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For all of you who want to enjoy the beautiful reefs of Curacao for just more than two days,
We have special Boat dive packages.

How does a Package Work:
• Our boat dive packages start from 3 days and more.
• If you are not sure if you would like to dive more then 3 days, you can always upgrade your package by day with package prices.
• All packages need to be Consecutive days.

Benefits when you use packages
• Unlimited air on boat diving days
• Saving $ on a la card diving
• Opportunity to upgrade your package from air to Nitrox (enriched air)
• Get Nitrox (enriched air)certified for $99, - on top of your package

Price packages with air:
Package pricing based on morning 2-tank
Dive trips on consecutive days
Three days 6 tanks $ 210.00
Four days 8 tanks $ 270.00
Five days 10 tanks $ 330.00
Six days 12 tanks $ 390.00

** Included free shore diving on boat diving days only.
All dives include tanks, weights and belt.

Nitrox upgrade dive package 2 tank & unlimited shore diving
Extra on 3 day package unlimited $ 90, -
Extra on 4 day package unlimited $112, -
Extra on 5 day package unlimited $125, -
Extra on 6 day package unlimited $138, -
Extra on 7 day package unlimited $147, -

Note: Use of Dive equipment not included

All prices are not included 5% Curacao Sales Tax. And are valid until September 30th 2006