Bluebay & The Wall

At this site you can drift along an almost vertical wall in places. Seldom dived because of the difficult access, the end by the point is the best. Healthy soft and hard corals grow almost right from the cliffs. Spend some time here before heading along the wall. Entry at The Wall is in the northwest corner of Blue Bay by boat. Descending to the top of the wall brings you to about 6 m  (20 ft), then head towards the beach at between 9 m to 18 m (30 ft to 60 ft). Look for large healthy coral heads, lots of reef fish, sea turtles, eagle rays and deepwater fish. Keep a keen eye on your depth gauge as depths reach over 43 m (140 ft).

Blue Bay, although less dramatic, is excellent. Protected on both sides by cliffs, this site offers good diving and snorkeling. The bay is sandy with some wave action and normally very good visibility, over 30 m (100 ft). To the left of the beach (southeast), after about a three minutes swim, divers will find lots of healthy corals an reef fish covering the shelf and the wall at about 15 m (50 ft). To the right (northwest) is The Wall; about a seven minute swim. Snorkeling is best to the left.